Plain Lanyards

Plain Lanyards

Before I get on to the whys, how’s and wherefores about plain lanyards a little information about who we are. Security Solutions UK Ltd is one of the only manufacturers right here in the UK and we are rightly known in the industry as the lanyard specialists, supplying thousands and thousands of satisfied customers every year across Europe and beyond. This is all overseen by our Sales Director, Jo “lanyard Lady” Willoughby who ensures all our customers big and small get the VIP service and treatment that makes us The UKs favourite plain lanyard seller year after year.

Now onto the subject itself……

I guess the best place to start to talk about plain lanyards is to take a look at the history behind why most of us have and continue to wear these useful ID accessories. Our journey starts way back in the 1400s, is located in France and according to the earliest written records was named a “lanière”. The literal dictionary translation into English is a thong or strap and the French army began to use them to semi-permanently attach swords, pistols, daggers and whistles to the individual or their uniform. This obviously prevented the soldiers from embarrassingly dropping their weapons at the wrong moment as well as ensuring they were close at hand or as in the case of a whistle around the wearer’s neck so they could signal their comrades quickly. However it would be some time before the safety breakaway now seen in most lanyards would be invented to prevent injury or in the army’s case strangulation! Through the next few hundred years lanyards were mainly seen being used in the cavalry, navy and by army officers to attach to a pistol as they were easily removed and attached at will, however some records suggest they were used by pirates as well who would have more than one single shot pistol or sword. It is quite incredible to think that the lanyard you are probably wearing at the moment is a direct descendant of the ones worn by Captain Kidd, Calico Jack or even Blackbeard!! When not attaching to a weapon lanyard was also used in horse regiments for a whistle to be attached and accessed in a lapel pocket right through the First World War as a means of keeping in touch with ones troops when galloping and in the melee of battle. In some regiments of The British Army it is still in use and to this day members of the British Artillery wear the same lanyard which their predecessors used to hold a key for adjusting fuses on shells before firing.

So with its history firmly set in the annals of time and the military, the plain lanyard is now primarily used for much less macabre purposes although its primary reason for being is still the same today, to semi-permanently attach to the wearer something used often or for identification.

Security Solutions UK has the largest range of any lanyard supplier in Europe and it is no surprise we have won awards for our lanyard manufacture. In fact our lanyards and backstage passes have probably been seen by more people than any other company in the world as we have manufactured them for Guitar Hero Live and many famous film productions making our lanyards the ones to be seen in!

The history and background lesson over, let us have a look at what lanyard types and styles we offer in our plain lanyard range:

Basically plain lanyards come in two different styles, flat lace and cord or “boot lace lanyards”. The standard width for a flat lace version is 10mm, but we can cut the material to almost any width dependant on quantity and which attachment is needed to fasten the lanyard together. Normally made from high quality polyester the material can be dyed to colour the lace and a coloured lanyard can match in with a corporate colour or as an extra means of identification. This is the same with the cord version although as its minimum width is 4mm this does restrict the choice of the fastening attachment. However with both styles there is no issue with making them to whatever length is required, in our time we have made plain lanyards for children, teens, adults and the disabled all at different lengths for different uses. Some have been used for passes and badge holders whilst others have attached to keys and mobile phones, we have even made the lanyard short enough to fit round a wrist for cameras. When it comes round to Carnivals we know our stuff to, the next time you go to or watch footage of The Notting Hill Carnival check out their whistles, what they are attached to and how they are worn. You guessed it with a plain coloured lanyard made by us!

We at Security Solutions UK Ltd are unique in world of plain lanyards in that we actually manufacture them right here at our premises in Hampshire quite fittingly in an old Police Station and Court! As well as being the only company who can offer a same day delivery on our lanyards, which makes us the most trusted lanyard company in the country. Quite simply we deliver the right product for your need at the right place on time every time!

So whatever your need, budget or quantity we have the plain lanyard solution for you so give our Sales Team a call and get the great customer service all our clients get, what else would you expect from the nations favourite?