Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events in A Covid World

With the end of lockdown 3.0 looming in the not-too-distant future now is the time for conference organisers, sports stadiums, festival organisers, event and hospitality venues to start planning for the anticipated easing of restrictions. At present all of us in the industry have time to reflect on how we all do things, and we believe part of that is ensuring your conference or event uses sustainable eco friendly products wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint. Here at Security Solutions UK Limited we are passionate about doing our bit and as such, under consultation with local authorities, hospitality outlets, office clients, conference and event organisers have committed to having a viable Eco-Friendly ID solution for all our products by the end of 2021.

As you can imagine this is no small a task and we have been working with our suppliers on materials that can be sourced and used within our product ranges for over 12 months now, and as you will see below we have made great strides to achieving our goal. Quality is of the upmost importance in these new product ranges and all our new sustainable products must perform in the same way, or even better, than the existing ones. So, rest assured all of our Eco-Friendly products that we already stock have been put through a rigorous testing programme before being released to our customers.

Below are our key product categories and a brief description of the exciting new sustainable range that is available within each category along with a link to its page on our website.

Sustainable Lanyards:

Bamboo Lanyards

as the name suggests these are made using bamboo fibres available plain or printed :

PET Lanyards

Made using fibres from highly spun old plastic bottles

Paper Lanyards

Yes lanyards made with paper! :

Sustainable Badge Holders


EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Badge Holders

Sustainable Wristbands

Security Wristbands made using either PET or Bamboo can be used to identify those entering a venue, conference, festival or office to confirm they have gone through the correct Covid-19 protocols, thus allowing security staff a great visual means of confirming this and a second sense check should readmittance be needed. When used at large scale events these would make a significant difference to the overall carbon footprint normally