Question & Answer Schools

In todays question and answer session we look at the ways Security Solutions UK Limited’s market leading products can help Schools and Colleges with their identification needs as well as staying Covid 19 secure.

What Identification Needs Do Schools & Colleges have?

It does vary by which age groups attend the school as there is a significant difference between those at infant school versus college, but there are generic similarities. For example, in all schools, colleges and universities onsite visitors have to sign in at the point of entry and have a visible means of identification shown at all times displayed on a visitor lanyard. This is the normal for all places of learning and staff also have to have a security pass, again usually displayed using a pre-printed staff lanyard.

However, with the arrival of Covid-19 the standard practice of re-using lanyards and security pass holders has had to change. With this in mind our R&D team have worked on a solution that is now being rolled out to all our clients in the education sector, the wipe clean PVC lanyard. When used effectively with a 70% alcohol sanitising wipe or solution these lanyards can be re-used again and again as a Covid-19 secure product.

The PVC lanyards are very hard wearing and can be printed using any school, college or university logo as well as clearly differentiating between, staff lanyards, visitor lanyards, contractor lanyards or even governor lanyards.

In some cases, our customers also differentiate between the colours, so it is easy to see at a distance which category the wearer falls in to. This is made even more recognisable when the sanitised lanyard is coupled with a badge holder of the same colour.

Where there is a necessity for student visual identification the lanyards can be clearly branded with each year group.  As these are for personal use, they can either be from our standard polyester range for to be completely Covid secure we would recommend our PVC wipe clean range.

Looking at the holder for the temporary visitor or more permanent staff pass we currently recommend our range of rigid badge holders. in tests these have been the most successful when being cleaned with the appropriate antimicrobial wipe, or sanitiser product of choice. Again, this cleaning process ensures the badge holder can be used time and again in the knowledge that it complies with all the guidelines on how to make your workplace covid secure.

On top of these virus beating products we also offer the single use options for lanyards and badge holders which can simply be thrown away after use.

However, in these situations we would recommend our range of eco-friendly identification products so that we can all do our bit to protect the planet in everything we do.