Security Badge Holders

With a return to the workplace and the easing of restrictions now is a good time to review your existing covid protocols to ensure you have a safe environment for your employees and visitors. We at Security Solutions UK Ltd have been working closely with local councils to look at how our products can help mitigate any risk associated with the visual identification of individuals whilst on your premises.

Security badges will still be permitted and as a necessity for most Companies lets look at the best practice for staff as well as visitors. For staff it is pretty straightforward as the individuals themselves will be responsible for their own security badge, lanyard and badge holder but the recommendation is that the pass, badge holder and lanyard should be cleaned using a sanitising wipe or spray on a regular basis. At point of entry and exit as a minimum. To aid with this process we recommend you use our PVC lanyards as these are much easier than the fabric alternatives to sanitise. All of our PVC badge holders can be treated regularly with sanitiser as can our plastic passes, so these are all fit for purpose.

When it comes to visitor identification and knowing when they enter and leave the working premises things are a little more challenging for both the receptionist as well as the visitor. Firstly using an app to record when they enter and finish their visit is a must as the signing in and out register is now a thing of the past due to social distancing. There are a multitude of free apps out there with QR codes that can be saved direct to a database. Then, as the greeter or receptionist will be social distancing (normally behind a PVC screen) there will need to be a way of handing a sanitised lanyard, security badge and holder to the visitor. This can easily be done using a sanitised plastic tub/box. But now instead of being a personalised security badge ID we now recommend a generic Visitor or contractor pass, along with a PVC wipe on wipe off lanyard and holder. These components can all be colour co-ordinated for maximum visibility.
Then on exit the visitor then scans the qr code again and deposits the lanyard, security badge and holder in an exit box. The greeter/receptionist then cleans the components using a clinical wipe and or sanitising spray ready for re-use whilst wearing gloves which are thrown away after use.

Should you have any questions about any of the above or want to place an order then please get in contact with any one of our sales team who are all fully briefed on these new protocols.