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One of the first questions we get asked when a new or existing client needs a proven method for crowd control, identification, brand awareness or advertising is which wristband do I need and do I need to have them custom printed. The answer is not as simple as you may think especially given the different types, styles but one thing is certain, if you want to have your own branding than the wristbands have to be custom designed.

So let’s look at the styles available broken down by need and length of time that the wristband is to be worn for first, we can come on to budget and bling later!

For short term use then if you are not too fussed on the image you are trying to portray and want a good old crowd control favourite then tyvek wristbands work perfectly. Designed to be worn for up to one day, I am sure everyone would have worn one of these at some time in their lives, these wristbands are made from highly spun tyvek plastic and feel and look like paper when worn. Basically these are the ronseal of the wristband world, attached to the wrist using a highly adhesive strip making them practically tamper and pass back proof. So as the saying goes they just do what it says on the tin simple! As with all our wristbands these are available plain from stock, custom printed or we do have a range pre-printed with some of the most asked for designs such as VIP, U18 available etc etc.

The next step up, longevity, quality and price wise is the plastic vinyl wristband. Made from 3 layers of vinyl these wristbands are fixed in place by a popper locking mechanism again designed to prevent pass backs, tampering and copying of any kind. This three layer design of product also makes these wristbands incredibly comfortable to wear and durable, sometimes we have known these wristbands to be worn for weeks on end! They are available in either a straight design or one with a wider “face” which is displayed on top of the wrist. The thinking behind this wide part is that it gives a larger area which then gives greater visibility of the custom printed design or message to the wearer and anyone else for that matter. Again available plain from stock on a same or next day delivery, a little longer if they are to be printed and now are available with barcodes, QR code, RFID chips and Facebook technology built in, truly a wristband for the 21st Century.

Finally in the security crowd control wristband range comes the fabric wristband. As the name suggests these wristbands are made from high quality polyester fabric and come in a variety of widths made to suit the need. As these are made of fabric they can be custom designed using a surface print, dyed using a sublimation process or woven. These wristbands can be worn for months on end so when deciding which printing method you want the question of longevity needs to be factored in. Without a doubt the hardest wearing design style is woven, followed by dye sublimation printing then screen printed. The screen printing process takes the form of a surface print, similar to tee shirt printing and will degrade fastest dependant on how the band is used and looked after, but should still last for weeks and weeks.

Once you have decided on what print you want for your custom fabric wristband the next thing to decide id on what fixing attachment to have for application to the wrist, this again will dependant on what use you have in mind as will if you want to integrate the latest technology to turn your humble fabric wristband into an intelligent or smart wristband. As with the vinyl wristbands you can link these wristbands to social media, proximity readers, QR codes, barcodes linked to guest lists, payment methods etc. etc. Put quite simply these are the wristbands of the future as we move ever closer to cashless events. But on their own these and our other wristbands can do the very basic or the amazing whatever your event, advertising requirement, or celebration. As with all of our wristbands we truly put the fun back into functional wristbands!

If security is not important then we have a range of reusable wristbands that will do the job which can be used time and again. They are made with either polyester fabric designed for a size that can easily slip on and off the wrist ensuring multiple uses; alternatively the ever popular silicone wristbands are ideal for longevity. Unlike other UK suppliers our silicone wristbands are made using 100% silicone, without using any rubber additives which drastically affects the quality of the band and is also known to cause the wearer allergic reactions in some cases. An added bonus with silicone is that the band can have the appearance of your custom message being cut into it, a process we call debossing. This can then be infilled with ink and gives the message a permanent feel ideal for any charity fund raiser.

We at Security Solutions UK Ltd have the largest range of wristbands available anywhere in the UK and are the only manufacturer who can deliver the same day. Give our award winning sales team the chance to exceed your expectations at a price that excites as well.