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TV Productions

We offer a complete range of identification products for live TV productions as well as products used as props in well known TV shows, games and films. Whether you need crowd control products for the audience, passes and lanyards for the production team and crew or merchandise to sell we have got you covered. We also provide entry solutions for VIP film premiers, so however top secret the show is you can trust us with your design and product.

In fact our products have been seen by tens of millions of people worldwide as for the last edition of Guitar Hero Live we supplied all the back stage passes, wristbands and lanyards used in the filming of the audience and band etc. That we believe makes our products the most seen anywhere in the world a claim to fame we are rightly proud of!

Plain Stock Lanyards
plain stock lanyards
Backstage Passes
Badge Holders
badge holders
Havana Club Fabric Wristband
Fabric Wristbands